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Creating Better Habits!

In my ‘Breaking Bad Habits’ blog, I shared my recent journey of integrating a new habit to replace one I wanted out of my life, namely that of the frustrated yo-yo dieter.

As I have been asked how the first 90 days went I thought you may want to see the results, here they are !

Weight loss of 8.5kgs
Body fat down 3.7%
Body water up 3%
Visceral fat down 2 points
Metabolic age down 9 years


These measurements come from an amazing bio-impedance scanner called Tanita which I have used for 10 years. It is motivating to have more goals than just weight to improve on a journey to better health.

If you would like to know your stats please fill in your details on the Health Assessment.

It was essential for me to have a reality check to know what my initial stats were so I could set targets for the future.

My goal is to have created a powerful new health habit that I can maintain by my (gulp)…60th birthday next April and to have attained my correct BMI (body mass index).

The results were tangible, visual and showed dramatically in my clothes. Like so many lifelong dieters, my wardrobe has 3 sizes of clothes, my largest are now too big and have been given away, the middle sizes fit and are loose, and now I focus on the slimmest ones!

During these 90 days, I had another ‘Aha’ moment, when I clearly realised for the first time in 40 years the liberating thought that I wasn’t on a diet! I knew now I had a choice of the chocolates or my new goal, I chose my April goal.

My daily journaling, using the Pre-Mortem Technique, is the new habit and the foundation of keeping me on track. I review my diary at the start of each day and plan my meals, snacks, coffee meet ups or dinners out, this ensures that my focus is maintained on my goals on a daily basis with no excuses and no way that I am going to get caught out or pushed off track.

I am currently reading an intriguing chapter from an excellent book by Kelly McGonigal, ‘The Willpower Instinct’ which takes you through a 10 week process to develop better self-awareness to achieve better self-control.

Moral Licensing

She explains ‘moral licensing’; the concept of when you do something positive you feel good about yourself and then give yourself permission to reward your good behaviour normally with something bad.

She explains this is common human behaviour, and helped me understand that I had been expert at moral licensing in the past. As a typical dieter being ‘good’ all day and then shopping late afternoon for supper, I would often pick up a bar of chocolate to ‘reward my good behaviour’!

Another enlightening concept from the Neuroscience Academy was to adjust my understanding of the traditional viewpoint that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. This has been disproved with recent research from the University of London, the average time is between 84 days (12 weeks) and 265 days.

My journey is to ‘find’ my number. Robin Sharma, in one of his works, suggested 66 days was the right time. I did 66 days, traveled immediately afterwards and then fell off the wagon, I discovered that 66 wasn’t my number!

As I am on Day 105, 15 days into my second 90 days and keen to reach my double century, I will look again at my stats and blog my progress.

It is been exciting to share these new techniques with my customers and fantastic to see others getting the same results…this plan works. So if you are keen to transform your health and would like support and guidance from me or one of the team, then fill in the Assessment and let’s help you on your journey.

You deserve to feel the best you can.

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