Gina Clifford-Holmes
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Always Learning

A lifetime of curiosity has kept me on a voyage of discovery on how to keep growing, learning and challenging myself to become a better person.

From being introduced to the Est training in 1978, to participating in Anthony Robbins’s Life Mastery Event in Hawaii over 9/11, to sharing Robin Sharma’s seminars in Canada with my sisters, to participating in the Neuroscience Academy course from Australia, I continue to love the journey to discover what makes me tick and in that process inspire other people to improve their own lives.

The Early Years

I started life in the UK as a baby-boomer, convent educated, and then brain stretched getting my degree in Mandarin and Far Eastern History at London University.

Blessed and grateful for incredible parents, a mother who started one of the first independent health food shops in the UK and had us eating home made brown bread, brown rice and healthy salads long before it became trendy. A father who came from humble beginnings in the East End of London and become a successful businessmen in property, and had a passionate love of music.

The Mid Years

After university I worked for an Oriental Book dealer in London before getting married and had children.  I was lucky to later work part time for my parent’s property company.

Divorce and a new beginning with my 2nd husband brought us to Cape Town, South Africa and an exciting new journey began.

Herbalife Nutrition

In 1995, with a new baby, being very overweight, un-fit and exhausted, I was introduced to Herbalife. I loved the idea of being able to work for myself part time around the children while improving my own health, weight and energy.

With my own great result of 19kgs weight loss and boundless energy, I decided to focus on helping others improve their health and vitality. At the same time I developed and trained a team to run their own businesses in the growing Wellness Industry.

Ageless Grace Educator and Trainer

In 2015, needing a fresh challenge, I decided to look for a fitness programme to add to my life and business. I discovered that Ageless Grace was a perfect fit. From childhood I loved music and movement, I experimented with teaching aerobics, and later Nia, but never had the confidence or passion to teach a class.

I knew of Ageless Grace through having done my Nia White Belt training with Denise Medved in 2009 and that she had launched Ageless Grace in South Africa in 2012. I found a local trainer, bought the training materials and quickly completed my Educator Certification.

Never having taught any exercise modality before, but so excited, I did 5 demonstrations in my first 10 days after the training. The demonstrations turned into immediate classes and I now teach 9 classes a week, in retirement villages, health care units, as well as both public and private classes.

Active & Healthy with Gina

Wanting to spread the message of healthy ageing to those who were home or housebound, I envisioned doing something on TV for the older population, a huge demographic ignored by the media.

I was introduced to Faizal Sayed, CEO of the Deen Channel and was given the extraordinary opportunity to host my own TV Show “Active & Healthy with Gina”.

The show’s goal is to combine 10 minutes of Ageless Grace exercises with interviews of experts in the field of ageing.

It has enabled me a platform to share the two great passions of my life, exercise and good nutrition and make my contribution to the well being of our ageing population.