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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to join a class, become and educator or wish to supplement your income, I am sure you have many questions. To assist you with your queries, we have produced a list of frequently asked questions about Ageless Grace, and their answers. We hope that you find this information useful. If there are any other questions that you think might be useful, to add to this page, please feel free to email them to Gina at

Are you available for one-on-one teaching?

Yes, I am, but only in the afternoons, as I teach every morning. Please contact me to make an appointment.

What do if there are no classes in my area?

There are 3 options:

1. Go to the Products page and order all the Materials, Playbook, DVD and flashcards to practice at home. Look at our products here.

2. Join the next 4 hour Personal Practice Seminar and learn how to do the daily 10 minutes a day at home. Find out more here.

3. Become an Educator and start classes in your area. Read more here.

4. Start a group in your area. Contact me and maybe we can start a new group in your area. Contact me by Email

What is Ageless Grace?

Ageless Grace is a cutting-edge brain fitness program based on neuroplasticity that activates all 5 functions of the brain – analytical, strategic, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall, creativity and imagination – and simultaneously addresses all 21 physical skills needed for lifelong optimal function.

Exactly what skills are addressed with the Ageless Grace tools?
  • Joint mobility
  • Spinal flexibility
  • Right-left brain coordination
  • Bone density
  • Kinesthetic learning
  • Cognitive function
  • systemic health
  • Balance
  • Fall prevention
  • Self esteem
  • Confidence
  • Playfulness
Why is Ageless Grace performed in a chair. Shouldn’t exercise be performed standing up?

Almost anyone can exercise in a chair. Twisted your ankle? Just had surgery? Do you have limited mobility? Does regular exercise (standing up) make you dizzy? Just sit down and perform the same motions in a chair!

The 21 Simple Tools of Ageless Grace are organic rather than choreographed, and focus on using the core to stimulate cognitive function and physical function simultaneously.

The Tools are practiced using a chair for stability and range of motion. This allows all ages and abilities of seniors to practice it, as well as baby boomers, young adults, those with weight, joint, diabetes and other challenges, those in wheelchairs or with other physical limitations — and kids absolutely love it! It also provides a great multigenerational programme for grandparents, adult children and grandchildren to share.

Who founded Ageless Grace?

Denise Medved is the creator of Ageless Grace, a woman with early health challenges, who learnt at a young age the importance of daily exercise and movement. With her lifelong interest in gerontology and working with Seniors came a passion and vision to change the face of ageing in the world. She spent 7 years working with a Duke–affiliated hospital and a university graduate department to develop this creative approach to ageing.

Denise incorporated all her prior skills as an International Nia Black Belt teacher and Trainer for 30 years, Certified Personal Trainer, Tai Chi and Feng Shui instructor, as well as extensive experience in the corporate marketing and PR world for 29 years with Fortune 1000 companies, to launch Ageless Grace in 2011.

Why is Ageless Grace different to other fitness programmes?

The biggest difference between Ageless Grace and other fitness programmes is that Ageless Grace is meant to both exercise the body and stimulate the brain. Modern research supports that we must combine the two for optimal lifelong function and graceful ageing. It is important that our mental lifespan matches our bodies lifespan and that we must continue to practice movements we are unfamiliar with in order to create new neural pathways.

How many exercise tools are there in the programme?

The 21 Simple Tools for lifelong comfort and ease have vivid, easy-to-remember names and include imagery, creativity, playfulness, variety, polarity, sound, expression, words and games. They are used to stimulate and release endorphin and engage the nervous system.
Read more here

What is Ageless Grace for Kidz™?

Ageless Grace for KIDZ!™ is a seated fitness program that activates all five functions of the brain and helps with the development of 21 different functional body skills, including balance, coordination, multi-skilling, and the ability to respond, react and recover. Additionally, spinal flexibility, muscle mass, eye-hand coordination and dexterity will all be enhanced. Find out more about KIDZ!

What is neuroplasticity?

Practicing, remembering and learning simple skills allow positive results to come surprisingly quickly – much like remembering how to ride a bicycle after many years. These aspects of movement practice combine as the process of neuroplasticity, (the ability of the brain and nervous system to change structurally and functionally), and are vital to active aging and youthful function. Find our more about neuroplasticity here

How long are the classes?

The classes are generally run for 45mins. In Frail care units 30 minute classes are sufficient.
Here is our class schedule

What music do we exercise to?

Any music, from every era. Classical, jazz, pop, modern, childhood songs, famous musicals like Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady, Dirty Dancing. Crooners like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, war time favourites like Vera Lynn and Gracie Fields. With a music selection of over 20,000 songs we play the music you love to hear, just ask and we will endeavour to find it.

How do I become an educator?

The 12.5-hour Certification is specifically designed for those who want to be a Certified Ageless Grace Educator and be able to teach group classes or private one-on-ones with clients and students. This certification goes in depth about the primary and secondary benefits of each tool and how they are practiced. You learn music suggestions for practice and creation of class playlists. Develop PR and marketing skills, discover the types of places hiring Ageless Grace Educators and ways to approach them. Get to understand basic anatomy, how to organize a class format, and a wide-variety of ideas on business and marketing.
Find our more about how to become an Educator

Can anyone join Ageless Grace?

It is never too late to begin. It is never too early to start!. Everybody is welcome in our classes . Whatever your age or level of fitness, we cater for people fit or unfit, people who have had strokes and who are in wheelchairs or have any other form of disability.

In what areas do you have classes?
  • Constantia
  • Diep River
  • Tokai
  • Steenberg
  • Noordhoek Manor
  • Fish Hoek

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