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enter Below is a range of Ageless Grace products that you can purchase. Please click on the links below to place your order. Note that shipping costs will be calculated once you have provided me with your address.

Ageless Grace Set – R1,000


enter Get the complete Ageless Grace set (Ageless Grace Playbook, 3 DVDs, & flashcards) for only R1,000: The set of three products described below was created and designed to work together for the maximum benefit of the user and is provided at a 10% discount. Please contact us to order your copy (shipping costs to be calculated)

Ageless Grace Playbook – R330


go A 78-page, glossy–finish “coaching” book to help you best understand how the 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease work. Activate the 5 main functions of the brain while addressing the 21 primary causes of ageing – all in only 10 minutes of daily practice. It is clear, concise, and gives the reader or student ideas on how to practice these playful, creative, spontaneous and FUN exercises, in order to create new neural pathways for lifelong, youthful functionality.

Please contact us to order your copy (shipping costs to be calculated)

Ageless Grace 3-DVD Set – R690

 pro_no Each of the three DVD’s feature 7 of the 21 Simple Tools and are playfully and light-heartedly illustrated to upbeat music. The tools are introduced by Ageless Grace creator and founder, Denise Medved. She gives you ideas for practicing each tool creatively and differently. You can click on any one of the tools individually, and have the flexibility to do them in in any order you feel like to practice them. The aim is to show you that in only 10 minutes per day for 21 days, you will feel the benefits.
DVD 1 – Tools 1-7, DVD 2 – Tools 8-14, DVD 3 – Tools 15-21. Each tool plays for approximately 3-5 minutes. Each DVD is approximately 25-35 minutes in length.

Basics of call and put option Please contact us to order your copy (shipping costs to be calculated)

Ageless Grace Flashcards – R180


go to site The Flashcards are a simple and effective way to become familiar with the 21 Simple Tools. The 21 individual flashcards (the size of traditional playing cards with large print), have brief, bulleted ideas of how to practice each tool, what body parts to move, and ways to move them. There are 7 additional cards that explain how and why you practice Ageless Grace. These are great for travel, or for drawing 3 cards for your 10-minute daily practice so at the end of 7 days, you have done ALL 21 exercises.

rencontrer anglais en france Please contact us to order your copy (shipping costs to be calculated)

Ageless Grace KIDZ!™ DVD – R350

 pro_no Ageless Grace for KIDZ™ DVD is perfect for parents, teachers, or grandparents to share an exercise programme with their children. In 10 minutes of daily practice you can activate all 5 functions of the brain, namely strategic planning, memory and recall, analytical thinking, creativity and imagination and kinesthetic learning. The Programme also helps develop 21 different functional body skills, including balance, coordination, multi-skilling and the ability to respond, react and recover. Additionally, it enhances spinal flexibility, muscle mass, eye hand coordination and dexterity.
The DVD is broken down into 7 x 10 minute daily segments that cover all 21 tools or exercises. This can teach children early in life that movement creates and maintains physical functionality and FUN is what they have!

Please contact us for more information (shipping costs to be calculated)