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The first question to consider is always how much do you want to earn?

Is this to supplement your income? Are you a fitness teacher, personal trainer, yoga or pilates teacher or a wellness professional? Then adding Ageless Grace to your portfolio is a great way to make additional income.

Become an Educator

Or are you seeking financial freedom?

Then you have the opportunity to weave in a powerful combination of Ageless Grace as an exercise programme, to health and wellness with Herbalife Nutrition.


One of the great advantages of joining a company like Herbalife is that it enables you to grow a team, now in over 90 countries, and earn a residual monthly income.

This is not possible if you are an exercise professional, as you are only earning when you are taking classes.

I have coached a team for over 20 years with Herbalife and introduced people in over 27 countries to start their journey to financial independence. There is incredible training and support available, one-on-one, online and in thousands of cities around the world.

Herbalife has expanded into fitness and promoting a healthy active lifestyle, mainly among the young. The baby boomer market (50-70’s up) is still a ground floor opportunity for Herbalife, as they have nothing like the life-enhancing value that Ageless Grace has to offer.

So, if you love movement and wellness, and working with seniors, then you have the opportunity to merge these two strengths together and earn a great income.

Let me teach you how!