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Ageless Grace has been welcomed by everyone involved with it. Its concept of seated exercises that almost anyone can do is innovative – and if you ask anyone who has done the 21 Exercises from Ageless Grace, they will tell you that it gives you a great workout, no matter what your age! Until now there has been very little offered to the baby boomers generation and Ageless Grace delightfully fills that void with a programme that is scientific and effective as well as being playful, fun and enjoyable.

Attending Ageless Grace classes has made a difference in the lives of the participants on many levels – from social engagement with others, to the enjoyment and playfulness of the exercises, to the work-out that helps and stimulates both body and brain.  Music plays an integral role as people exercise to dearly loved and familiar songs of their time, thus enlivening the classes and frequently inviting sing-a-longs! Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins – the choice is endless and the joy limitless. “Your requests are my pleasure”, says Gina!

Testimonials – In their own words …

I so look forward to Tuesday’s – Lots of fun and laughter. And, as I tell my family here, every muscle and joint is exercised, and the old brain too. We come away with a bounce in our step and smile on our faces, even if ready for a snooze! I like all the movements, and would like more brain challenges – which I need! – and breathing exercises.
Tuesday’s at Noordhoek Manor are special. Thank you very much, Gina. – Noreen

I do so enjoy your Ageless Grace Classes.
Your enthusiasm has encouraged me to keep coming to your weekly classes! I am enjoying every class since you first came to Fernbridge Retirement Complex a Year ago. From Day 1 I could feel the benefits of Ageless Grace Exercises! I hope that I am spared to share many more weekly classes with you. May we together, go from Strength to Strength! – Joan M

Just off the top of my head I would like to say that what I love most about Ageless Grace is the fun I have whilst doing the dreaded “exercise thing”. Before I know it, forty five minutes have passed and there is almost a sense of disappointment that the music and the laughter and fun is over. And then I realize that my body feels lighter, my stiffness is eased, my mood has lifted and I’m feeling wondrously positive about the world I’m about to re-enter! I have NEVER looked forward to exercise and can’t believe that these classes of yours have turned that attitude neatly on its head. – Charmian Sutherland

We have fun. Of course we do. We’re not madly serious but we do it properly. It’s just the music, I love dancing and movement to music.

It’s extraordinary actually. It’s such a rounded thing. There’s the music to enjoy, there’s the company to enjoy and there are the exercises to do. It covers everything. It cheers me up, it really cheers me up. And the other thing I find is, you do the exercises and you think that you’re doing nothing but when you’ve done them you’re tired. And you’ve really worked!

I just find the classes are absolutely fantastic and far better than I could imagine. I am a walker and I thought that was sufficient. But it is amazing what you can do. Exercising joints you weren’t aware of and not being exercised. And most importantly exercising the mind.

I’ve gotten so much looser. My hands were stiff. I’ve got screws in both my ankles and I can now move them freely. And I have had cancer in the mouth, and so my neck, I couldn’t really bend it. And now I can without physio because I can do it all from the classes and I cannot believe how much they have helped me.

Although I’m agile I realise we don’t use all our muscles and I’m finding it a bit difficult to get up because I’ll be 85 years old now, and that’s why I am concentrating on my calves. I find it’s not only informative but it’s most productive for us and I enjoy the exercises and I think its great fun meeting everybody and we all enjoy it.

People will come in here sometimes looking very tired, they haven’t had a good night. They’re hardly here a few minutes and they’re smiling and so on. And even the very frail people who can’t really do much, they come because they get some benefit from it. We have one lady, she’s 99 years old and some days she’s more active than others. Even if she can’t do much, you can see her moving and it delights us to see someone of that age responding.

Testimonials from Educator Training …

I like the variety of movements and music and the fun aspect of Ageless Grace. I like the group experience too. What will be easiest for me to share with others is my belief in the value and benefits of Ageless Grace and the importance to keep moving no matter what your age or condition is. I also enjoyed how Gina presented the ‘work’. Clear, enthusiastically, joyfully, personal, and heartfelt. I loved practicing the Tools of Ageless Grace. – Karen Reynolds

By increasing mobility and flexibility of my body and mind, I will slow down the ageing process. It was fantastic! Gina is a very gifted educator and trainer who makes the learning process fun, interactive and meaningful. – Hilary Felix

A fantastic fun day which gave me more ideas (tools) to help myself and others get moving and stimulated. A real feel good time. – Terry T

Great fun, easy but active. Got my heartrate up, helped the arthritis in my little finger. – Marilyn Garner

Gina was an excellent trainer and the privilege was mine to have had her as a trainer. – Sue Taylor

I found I was most comfortable and had the best response when I drew from my own life, hobbies and sports. So I will love to develop a few more! – Bev Shaw

Great fun and a good workout. – Shannon Phillips

Fun and informative. – Carol Metcalf